WELCOME TO St John De Britto's Church Sakthikulangara Kollam

St. John de Britto’s Church, remains a beacon of light, facing the gentle breeze and surfing waves of the Arabian Sea just like a colossus that has vanquished all forces of evil – a true symbol of serene love and peace. Over the years it has turned out to be a haven of spiritual bliss, a connecting link of the social fabric, a forum for cultural interactions of the people of Sakthikulangara, a coastal village in Kollam district, of Kerala. Sakthikulangara parish - 7 kms north of Kollam city - is a tiny landmass that is almost sandwiched between the Arabian sea on the west and the Ashtamudy lake on the northern and eastern side The landscape is almost split by the National Highway 47 . Ozhukkuthode,a flowing rivulet, on the southern border and Kattackal lake on the eastern side provide the land strip a rare mix of environmental charm.The estuary where Ashtamudy lake pours into Arabian sea touches the northern side of the land strip, making it a natural harbor. Sunrise and sunset here provide a beautiful panorama of nature’s bounty.
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Dear Friends,
Greetings from St. John De Britto’s Church!
“How lovely is your dwelling place O lord!”

We are happy to place three different designs for the new Church proposed to be built in Sakthikulangara for perusal and comments by the members of the parish . We are requesting all the parishners including those who live or work outside the Country before we place the final design and plan for approval by the Bishop and others concerned . Our concepts about the Church vary but we have to arrive at a consensus accommodating the views of those who comment to the maximum possible.
Waiting for your valuable comments

Yours in Our Lord

Fr. Romance Antony
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Bishop's Message
The Church is called to witness its bridegroom, Jesus Christ in a rapidly changing and technologically advancing world. Of course, the digital media have captured the pulse of the people and significantly..
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Mrs. Celine Peter wife of Mr.Vargheese peter died on 10th August 2014

Mrs.Nirmala Alex ,Aiyathara Padignaru died on 18th July 2014 and was buried on 19th July 2014

Mrs. Barbara Cleetus {49} Madammathoppu died on 24th July 2014 . Burial on 25th July

Mr.Jijo Jacob
{21} son of Jacob and Molly ,Thottunkara House , Shakthikulangara died on 2nd July 2014 at Quatar . Funeral held at 10 A.M 5th July 2014 at St. John De Brito’s Church ,Shakthikulangara.

Mrs.Anjeli George {78} IsmariaMansion ,Shakthikulangara died on 2nd July 2014. Fueral was held on 3rd July 2014

Ancil Zacharias {68} Kochthoppu ,Shakthikulangara died on 1st July 2014. Funeral was conducted on 2nd July 2014 .
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