Vicar`s Message

Dearly beloved in Christ,

Dear friends,

“ Our needs ,even if legitimate , are not as urgent as those of the poor , who lack the basic necessities of life “ . These are the words of Pope Francis . We all know how Jesus multiplied five loaves of bread to feed more than five thousand people who were hungry. Gospel says Jesus had compassion on them . Compassion is the basic mark of a Christian. To be compassionate means more than being kind. It means to suffer with, to feel with and to empathise with those who suffer. To be compassionate means we step into the shoes of our brothers and sisters who suffer. A lot of people like to show around as generous. It is nauseating to see people throwing away alms to people without even touching their hands leave alone their lives. We need to go out to meet our suffering brothern. Compassion leads to sharing. If you do not share what you have with your brothers and sisters who are deprived of the necessities of life we do not deserve to called Christians.

A boy who had some loaves of bread for himself decided to share it with those who had nothing and that resulted in the multiplication of bread by Jesus. It is disgusting to see the extravagance we show for our functions. I wonder if we need to serve so many dishes. And what about the food wasted ? We build houses so big that some of the rooms wil eldom be used . This is where sharing comes into the picture. God loves a cheerful giver, If you forget the poor you are doomed .If you really care for your salvation feed the hungry, cloth the naked , help the sick ,,,May be you can cut down on the dishes we serve , or reduce the plinth area of the house you are to build or go for less expensive furnishing. What you save on the above could be shared with those who have nothing. I am appealing to the all the families , all the men and women of Sakthikulangara , a land blessed by God to be compassionate and share what God has given you with those who lack the necessities of life.

There are many who struggle to feed their families. it could be clothing, medicine , education of children . So why don’t you put aside some of your plans to help those who lack basic needs. This appeal is to those who are either engaged here in harbour and those in the Gulf doing business or employed and those in other parts of the world. I am happy to float a project to provide decent houses for those who have no proper shelter. It may be surprising to hear that there are quite a few families living in shabby conditions. I wait for the feedback from the flock far and near before drawing up specific plans .

Once again, Welcome to St.John De Brito church Online.

Yours truly,

Fr. Romance Antony