Religious Houses & Associations

St.John de Brito was the scion of a powerful aristocratic Portuguese family; his father, Salvador de Brito Pereira, died while serving as Viceroy of the Portuguese colony of Brazil. He joined the Jesuits in 1662, studying at the famous University of Coimbra, our church organizations are given below.

St. Annes Convent

St. Anne’s Convent Shakthikulangara was established in 1974 at the initiative of Fr. Elias Vargheese the parish priest. The convent is a house of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Anne of Tiruchirappally. The congregation was founded in 1858 by Mrs. Annamma a widow for the emancipation and integral development of women. The congregation obtained pontifical status in 1977. The motto of the congregation is “Simplicity of life and service to the poor”. The Congregation has 1200 professed sisters in 188 convents in India and abroad. The house in Shakthikulangara belongs to the Damian Province {Kerala Province}. Sisters in Shakthikulangara take care of the sanctuary and sacristy and are engaged in a range of pastoral service –from house visits, BCC , Sunday school, youth animation, and imparting skill development.

Tel : 0474-2771735

Members of the community :

  • Sr. Pauline - Superior
  • Sr. Augustine Mary
  • Sr. Mary Thomas
  • Sr. Rositta
  • Sr. Annamma
  • Sr. Annie
  • Sr. Prasanna


VimalaHridayaSaranya established in Shakthikulangara on 25th April 2001 is a convent under the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary, Kollam . This congregation was originally founded by Rev. Fr. Louis SavionDupius in 1844 at Pondicherry for the emancipation of women. In 1907 Bishop Benziger asked the congregation to set up a house at Kanjirakode.Soon they had four communities in Quilon diocese. In 1947 Holy See bifurcated the Congregation to set up a separate Congregation for Kerala with headquarters at Kollam .In 1998 Holy See proclaimed the order as an institute of pontifical rights. They have presently 70 houses in six countries and 533 professed Sisters. Sisters in Shakthikulangarahouse besides offering pastoral service –Catechism, BCC and house visit -are actively involved in the social life of the place.

Tel. 0474 2772166

Members of the community :

  • Sr. Jophy Mary - Superior
  • Sr. Titus Mary
  • Sr. Cabrini Mary
  • Sr. Norbert Mary
  • Sr. Lizy Mary

Organisations in the parish—Pious Associations and approved lay associations. :

1.TheConfraternities (Combria) 
There are two Combrias functioning in the parish.

  1. St.John de Britto’sCombria,
  2. Combria of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Faithful who join the confraternity are duty bound to follow the rules of the Combria and play an active role in the liturgical services of the parish. They lead the funeral processions with their insignia.  The Combria feasts are either allotted by elevation of members by ranking or auctioned to the highest bidder by paying a Data {donation}.
Both confraternities have their administrative set up with the presidenti {President} ,Procurdor and Iscruvan elected by the  sandamesha (sancta mensa) . The presidentielected for an year has the privilege of wearing the crown during functions. The Presidenti has the responsibility to conduct the feast of the compriya .

Presidenti ofSt.John de Britto’sCombria for the year 2014-15—
Mr. Henry Peter Poikayil

Presidenti of Combria of Our Lady of Mount Carmel for the year 2014-15—
Mr. Antony Paul Karunatuthoppil

St.Vincent De Paul Socitey

The Conference of St. Vincent De Paul Society in Shakthikulangara  was established in 1965.SSVP is the biggest lay movement in the Church.  Parish Priest is the Spiritual Director of the Conference.  This conference is in the frontline to dispense charity to the deserving with a range of activities like adoption of destitute families, medical support, skill development and support for income generating programmes.

Present office bearers :
President –Br. Jacob Geravas
Vice President _Br. Xavier  Morris
Secretary : Br. James Morris
Treasurer :Br.Roman  Francis
Project Officer : Br. Joseph Jerome 

Dominic Savio Altar Boys’ Association

This is an association of altar servers .There are 35 members. Asst . Parish Priest is the director of the association. KCYM is the official state and regional organization under the auspices of the Kerala Catholic Bishops' CouncilKCBC. It is affiliated to the National Youth Body the "Indian Catholic Movement" (ICYM). It consists of youngsters between the age group of 15– 35 years who subscribe to Catholic values and principles, but beneficiaries include the youth of other religions. Today, KCYM has a membership strength of 1,04,685 young people making it one of the influential organizations in the region.

Sancta Lucia Chorus

This is a network of all the approved Choir groups in the parish . There are five groups .

Christian Life Community (CLC)

In 1563 Fr. John Lenis Marian a Jesuit Priest established Sodality with the approval of the Holy See as a movement of lay people for strengthening Christian life. After Vat 11 Sodality was rechristened as “Christian Life Communities” {CLC|.Sakthikuangara had the privilege of starting a Sodality as early as 1913. Fr. Jerome Fernandes the parish priest and Bishop Benziger set the tone for the movement –one of the first Sodalities in the Country. The CLC of Sakthikulangara having completed 101 years has become the rallying point for the women of the parish and a force to be reckoned with in the parish life. CLC is engaged in a variety of social service activities including medical assistance, education assistance, awareness building for women etc. CLC members join all the liturgical functions, processions and funeral processions in white dress are indeed a spectacular sight. There are more than 1500 active members in the organization.

President : Mrs. Agnes Simmons
Vice President : Mrs. Mariamma William
Secretary : Mrs. Jolly Raju
Treasurer ; Mrs. Barbara Aloysius

Secular Carmel {CarmalitaAlmayaSabha}

CarmalitaAlmaya Sabha was established in the parish on 23rd October 1983 . The organization which started with 67 members now has now a membership of 515 . The organization besides forming the members in Christian life has always ensured their contribution to the pastoral growth and undertakes quite a lot of charitable initiatives.

President  Mrs. Villarmi Francis  Rozario
Vice President :Mrs, Shylaja Vincent
Secretary : Mrs. Celine Vincent
Treasurer : Mrs. ElsyAncil
Joint Secretary : Mrs. Jane Felix

Franciscan Third Order – Almaya Franciscan Sabha

The AlmayaFransicanSabha was established in Shakthikulangara in 1948 . The Organsation focuses on the spiritual life of the members and involves in pastoral work and charitable ventures .

Minister :Ouseph Antony ,Kannitayil
Vice Minister : vacant
Secretary :MrsJaceentha Francis , Anugraha ,Puthezhathu
Treasurer : Mrs. Domii Francis , Kochuthoppu
Formator : Mr. Francis Joseph KattuvilaPuthuval
Councilor  {1} Mr. Lazar Paul Thaithoppil
Councilor {2} Mr. Jacob George ,SheelaBhavan

Saints Fans Association {SFA}

Saints Fans Association {SFA} is a new born association launched at the initiative of the youth of the parish . SFA was inaugurated by Fr. Romance Antony the P.P on 25th May 2014 . The association envisions the creation of a just society and to this end it plans formation of all sections on sublime values and promotes initiatives that would lead to change in society.

Activities :
Weekly prayer meetings
Study of the life of saints
Choir for Sunday Mass
Environment education
Planted 3000 saplings in the households in Sakthikulangara on 5thJune 2014 ,the environment day

  • Mr. Joe Michael - President
  • Mr. Jeemon Jerome - Vise President
  • Mrs. AnithaRozario - Secretary
  • Mrs. Lissy Jose - Treasurer
  • Mr. Gipin Peter - Assttreasurer

Kolping Society

St. John De Britto unit of Kolping Society was established in 1996. Kolping Society functions with the objective of forming laity as fervent believers, faithful family heads and committed laborerers. Besides spiritual formation the Society enhances the financial growth of the members. Kolping unit at Shakthikulangara is engaged in promotion of thrift among members and promotes micro finance for income generating initiatives.

President : Mrs. Mercy Joseph
Secretary : Mrs. Jathruda .S.
Treasurer : Mrs. CarmaleyFulgin

Jesus Youth

This is a movement for spiritual enrichment of the youth . There are 26  members in the parish unit .

Catholic Charismatic Group

This Group is committed to the renewal of the parish through prayer, intercession, and study of the Word and mature deployment of the gifts of the Spirit

  • Co-ordinator – Mr. James Peter
  • Ms. Jaine Johnson
  • Ms. Mary Cleetus
  • Ms. Little Flower George
  • Ms. Jessy Edward
  • Ms. Mariamma Seraphine
  • Ms. Laila Andrews
  • Mrs. Margaret James

Quilon social service Socity

Activates: Humanity mobilization, Micro finance, Family adoption

  • President – Parish Priest
  • Vice president - Mr. Joseph Bernad
  • Cordinator - Ms. Regina