Priests & Religious

Priests From the Parish :

God has blessed the parish with many vocations to priest hood :
Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord:

  • Fr. Pius Morris
  • Fr. Dr. Basil Austine
  • Msgr:StansilausL.Fernandez
  • Fr. Christopher Morris
  • Fr. Joseph Morris
  • Fr. Joseph S.Fernandez

In the service of the lord :

Fr, Walter Morris -Diocese of Punalur
Fr. Xavier P. Rodrigues-Diocese of Raipur
Fr. Jude Thadeus---Capuchin
Fr. Joseph Daniel –Vicar St. Augustine’s Church ,Thalamukil
Fr. Plato Silvester
Fr. Isaac John---AsstVicar ,St,Joseph’s Church ,PerumonMundakal




All the priests from the parish were/are eminent in respective fields .Fr. Basil Austine secured doctorate in Theology from Gregorian University and served in the Diocese of Trivandrum. Msgr. StansilausFernandes was elevated as Papal Chamberlineby the Holy See in 1964. He is credited for writing the Malayalam biography of St. john De Britto our patron. Fr. Christopher Morris ,Fr. Joseph S Fernandes and Fr.Joseph Morris were all eminent pastors and administers. Fr. Christopher Morris was the first Secretary of Quilon Social Service Society .

Women Religious called to serve the Church :

Sr. Felsita Mary
Mother Margaret Rodrigues
Sr, Basil Mary
Sr. Theophila Mary
Sr. Irine Mary
Mother General Delphine Mary
Sr. Mary Henritta
Sr, Phillis Mary
Sr, Bonaventure Mary
Sr. Sibia Lilly Mary
Sr. Ushatha Mary
Sr. Odilla Mary
Sr. Ubalda Mary
Srr. Flavia Mary
Sr. Mary Anitta
Sr. Mariyamma Joseph
Sr. Francina Mary
Sr. Faustina Mary
Sr. Shany Mary
Sr. Elisa Mary

Vicars down the line- They led the community through the sands of time:
Rev. Fr. J. Periera                  1900- 1902
Rev. Fr. Antony Fernandes    1902 -1905
Re. Fr. Lawrence Periera       1907
Rev.Fr. PantheleonPeriera 1907-1908
Rev. Fr. Peter Morris             1908-1913
Rev.Fr. Emigius Dias             1914-1918
Rev.Fr. Bernard Benjamine 1818-1933
Rev.Fr. Simon Gonsago       1933-1938
Rev. Fr. Valerian Fernandes 1938-1946
Rev. Fr. Michael Netto        1946 –1948
Rev. Fr. Stephen Gomes 1948-1955
Rev. Fr. John .a. Kakkiri          1955—1956
Rev.Fr. Abraham Tharakan                1956 –1961
Rev.Fr. Sebastian Peter Fernandes 1961-1964
Rev.Fr. Thobias Nicholas 1964-1965
Rev.Fr. David S Kandathil            1965-1967
Rev.Fr. Valerian Fernandes 1967-1971
Rev.Fr. Francis Heranimos 1971-1972
Rev.Fr. Elias Vargheese               1972-1981
Rev. Fr. Albert Augustine           1981-1982
Rev. Fr. Solomon Charankatt   1982-1986
Rev.Fr. Vincent Machado        1986 -1991
Rev. Fr. Elias Lopes                   1991 -1993
Rev. Fr. Silvie Antony                1993-1997
Rev. Fr. Anil Jose                         1997-2002
Rev. Fr. Joseph Sugun                 2002-2003
Rev. Fr. Antony John                  2003-2007
Rev. Fr. Jose Sebastian              2007-2010
Rev.Fr. Joseph Detto                  2010 -2013
Rev. Fr. Frankline Francis          2013 -2014
Rev. Fr. Romance Antony          2014 -