Faith Formation--The Sunday School which is the designated forum for faith formation of children and youngsters is held at three centers.

Director of Faith Formation –Assistant Parish Priest
Class 1 to 4 at St,. Anne’s convent
Class 5 to X11 at St. Joseph’s School
Number of students : 655
Number of teachers :42
Head Master : Mr. Joseph James

Number of students : 248
Number of teachers : 18
Head Mistress         : Mrs. PhilominaGlariyals

Number of students : 73
Number of teachers :12
Head Mistress: Ms. Angel Mary

Community Formation
The ultimate mission of a Catholic Parish is to build communities that can proclaim to the world the message of love, justice, harmony and fellowship. The formation of ecclesial communities {BCC} that pray and break the word of God resulting in sharing of resources is being attended to through a long line of volunteers .The parish is divided intoseven wards with 68 BCC units . This has turned out to be the accepted fora for pastoral service and parish administration with a line of participatory structures.

Parish B.C.C. Co-ordinator –Mr. Paul Daniel

Ward Co-ordinators :
Ward 1. Ms. PhilominaGlarians –No.of Units 11
Ward 2. Ms. Jaceenta Gilbert    --No.ofUnits  10
Ward 3. Mr. Philis Xavier           --No. of Units 10
Ward 4. Ms. Celine Vincent       --No.of Units  9
Ward 5.B. Ms. Janet Anandan   --No. of Units 9
Ward 5.A. Mr. BabuJoeph           -No.of Units 10
Ward 6. Mr. Paul Daniel              -No. of Units -5
Ward 7. Ms. Little Flower           - No .of Units   5

Total : 69

Commissions for Ministries-
As per diocesan norms there are elected bodies for Liturgy , Faith Formation ,Education and Social Service to assist the parish priest in coordinating various ministries in the parish . Parish Priest is the President of all the Commissions.

 Secretaries for the Commissions :
Liturgy : Mrs. Mariamma Xavier ,ThoppilPadinjatathil
Faith formation –Mr. Nicholas Andrews ,ChachanVeedu ,Aluvila
Education advancement –Ms. ReenaLuke ,KannittaPuthuval
Social Service –Mr. Joseph Bernard ,AnandBhavan
Reconciliation Committee –Mr. Marshal Frank

Karunyam –
This is a project of the parish for offering medical care for the poor and elderly . Offerings by the faithful during the offertory procession during Sunday Mass , marriages and memorial Mass for the dead  finances this programme. Every Sunday medicine  is provide to the selected patients.

Welfare Fund:
Medical assistance  and marriage assistance is provided by the Church from earmarked fund. 20% of the offerings from SagaraMatha Shrine is devoted for this cause.

MaranantharaSahayaPathathy { JeevthaSurakshaPathathy}:
This is a traditional scheme to assist families for funeral of the family members. There are 1750 members now in the scheme. Members pay Rs. 2500 as premium to the fund and Immediate relatives can claim Rs, 10000/ funeral expence of the member.

This is a ongoing program to assist elder persons from financially backward families with essential medicines for life style illnesses.