Parish Administration

The parish is administered by the Parish Priest duly appointed by the Bishop of the diocese. The Assistant Parish Priest shares the responsibilities with the Parish Priest in the discharge of his duties. Parish Priest is assisted by an elected Parish Pastoral Council {AjapalanaSamithi } and a finance committee . A Kaikaran and an Assistant Kaikaran appointed by the Bishop assist the Parish priest in administration. There is also an elected Parish General Body which makes all policy decisions and to which Parish Pastoral Council reports to. The secretary of the Parish Pastoral Committee assists the Parish Priest in the discharge of day to day administration.

Profile of the Parish Priest - Fr. Romance Antony

Fr. Romance Antony is one of the senior priests of the Diocese of Quilon and has left his mark both at the home front and at the State and national level in various spheres. He has come to Shakthikulangara with a rich profile behind.

Fr.  Romance Antony was born on 13th April 1951 as the third child of Mr. Antony J. Fernandez and Mrs. Dorathy A. Fernandez of Vaddy parish .His father Mr. Antony J Fernandez served the Indian army and took part as part of the British army in the Second World War. After retiring from army he joined Oceanic Products Exporting Company,Shakthikulangara  as Office Secretary. He slept in the Lord at the age of 97 on June 8th 2010.

Fr.Romance Antony holds a Bachelor of theology from Urbanum ,Rome and Diploma in Applied Social Science and Journalism from prestigious Institutions. He was ordained a priest on 24th July 1976. He began his ministry as Asst. Vicar in St. Antony’s Church,Kanjiracode and later as Vicar Substitute at Padapakkara. After a short stint as Asst. Vicar in Charummodu he moved to Tangasseri where he was Asst. Vicar of the Cathedral Parish simultaneously holding charge as the warden of Infant Jesus School Boarding. In 1978 he was appointed as the Vicar of the Sooranad Mission District. He could organize the bamboo craftsmen to a successful co-operative venture and set up a Khadi spinning and weaving Centre, both together employing 260 women. In 1984 he was moved to East Kallada as the Vicar of St. Francis Xavier Church ,koduvila from where he moved to St .Augustine’s Church, Thalamukil  as its vicar for nine years.

In this period he was appointed as the Director of the Basic Christian Communities of Quilon Diocese with the mandate of parish re-organisation and Christian renewal. !250 Basic Christian Communities were formed across the diocese which ultimately turned out to be neighborhood communities that break the word of God , participate in parish ministries and practice Christian charity. He could assist the Bishop in framing the bye law for Parish Pastoral Committees giving the Church a participatory face with due involvement for laity. Participatory structures for various ministries in the diocese were also initiated. Meanwhile he was shifted as the Vicar of BharataRanjiParish , simultaneously functioning as the director of the Catholic Centre . He also spearheaded the programmes under the KristuJayanti 2000 with a three year programme covering the entire diocese. He was the general convener for the episcopal ordination of Bishop Stanley Roman in 2001.

With the change of guard in the diocese Fr.Romance Antony was appointed as the Director of Quilon Social Service Society where he served till 2008. Significant among his achievements was the programme for women empowerment with formation of over 1500 Self Help Groups . The tsunami of 2004 put Fr.Romance Antony in the center stage of a prolonged relief and rehabilitation programme bringing QSSS to the lime light at the national and international levels. Besides running a relief camp for 60 days sheltering over 2000 people temporary shelters were provided to the displaced.  1200 families were rehabilitated with permanent shelters and livelihoodsupport was provided to 600 families. Formation of Elder Self Help Groups was a notable innovation in this regard.

In this period he was able to build a Church in Kochuthuruthu an island parish off Neendakara and JagatJyothiMandira prayer house in typical Indian style at Shreyas .Pannakalthuruthu,kollam,

From 2008 to 2014 he functioned as the Secretary to Justice, Peace and Development Commission of Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council and the Executive Director of Kerala Social Service Forum, a network of all the Diocesan Social Service Societies in Kerala. In this capacity he could promote organic farming across the State, initiate campaign for the cause of distressed farmers in Wayanad and build a strong network for ecological protection.  He was also instrumental in clustering more than 1200 Care Homes {Orphanages , Old Age Homes etc ] managed by  the Church under a common banner , setting up an organization –Association of Catholic Care Homes . He could also cluster all the Special Schools -120 , under the Church into a single network.

Fr. Romance Antony has travelled extensively including many countries in Europe and Gulf. He has made detailed study about migrant workers both inward and outside the state. He has authored five books besides articles in journals. He is a well sought after Development Consultant besides being the director of the Society for Empowering Action and the director of the State campaign for BhakshyaSwaraj and member of a host of organisations.

Fr. Romance Antony was installed as the Vicar of St. John De Britto” s Church .Shakthikulngara on 25th April 2014.

Profile of the Assistant Parish Priest – Fr. Saiju Simon

Fr. Saiju Simon was born on 7th August 1985 as the eldest of the three children of Mr. Simon Raphael and Mrs . Celine Simon ,SaijuBhavan ,Kovilthottam. Mr. Simon is engaged in the fishing industry. After completing Plus Two at the Govt. Higher Secondary School,Chavara he took BA in Psychology from Fatima Mata National College Kollam as an outstanding student in his subject. He exhibited the same exuberance in his priestly formation at the Sacred Heart Seminary ,Poonamalai, Chennai,  taking a BTh from the Seminary . He was ordained a priest on 16th April 2013. After an year of ministry as Asst . Vicar at St. Francis Xavier Church ,koduvilahe joined service as Assst Vicar at Shakthikulangara on 21 st May 2014. A gifted orator and organizer Fr. Saiju is involved in streamlining pastoral ministry in Shakthikulangara.


Parish Finance Committee:

Fr. Romance Antony , Parish Priest –President
Mr. Sebastian S. Morris –Kaikaran
Mr. Augustine Francis -Member
Mr. Nixon Ferdinand -Member
Mr. Joseph Bernard -Member

Kaikaran - Mr. Sebastian S. Morris

Asstkaikaran: -Mr. Augustine Francis

Secretary of Parish Pastoral council – Mr. Joseph Bernard

Parish Office :

Office Secretary: Ms. Sherly Manuel

Accountant: Ms.JishaThankachan

Sacristan [ Kanakan}– Mr. Francis Pathrose [from 2008}

Melinchi{ Major Domo and Pulsator}— Mr. Francis Daniel

Moosk[ Chanter} : Mrs. Mary Joseph

Parish General Body –This is a body elected by the faithful from the BCC.

Parish Pastoral Council for the period 2014 -16
Fr. Romance Antony   Parish Priest  –President
Fr. Saiju Simon      Asst Parish Priest
Sr. Jophy Mary    Superior VimalaHridaya Convent
Mr. Ouseph Vincent Thottumugathu Elected member Ward 1
Mr. Augustine Francis Mary Villa Elected member Ward 1
Mr. Shaji Pious Zacharia Villa            Elected member Ward 2
Mr. Gilbert Peter SantoshBhavan Elected member Ward 2
Mr. Berlin Antony KaikattuThope           Elected member Ward 3
Mr. Britto Morris Nedumthope Elected member Ward 3
Mr. Sebastian S. Morris Yehova           Elected member Ward 4
Mr. Alex Antony Madammathope Elected member Ward 4
Mr. Benny Jacob Poikail            Elected member Ward 5 A
Mr. Nixon Ferdinand             Malithope      Elected member Ward 5 A
Mrs. Lilly Kaithan New Nest Elected member Ward 5 B
Mr. Christopher Antony Katttuvilla Elected member Ward 5 B
Mr. Anil Jose  Thottathil House Elected member Ward 6
Mr. Shaji Antony Vachanamkannittayil            Elected member Ward 6
Mr. Nixon Jermani Jermani Dale Elected member Ward 7
Mr. Charlie Dixon AbhilashBhavanam Elected member Ward 7
Mr. Paul Daniel Thayil House  BCC Coordinator
Mr. Nicholas Andrews ChachanveeduAluvila Ministry of Faith
Mrs. Mariamma Xavier ThoppilPadinjatathil Sec. Ministry of Liturgy
Mrs. Reena Luke KannittaPuthuval Sec. Ministry of Education
Mr. Joseph Bernard   AnandaBhavan Sec. Ministry of Social Service
Mr. Marshal Frank    Aluvila            Nominated Member
Mrs.  Jane Ansel Deepayan      Nominated Member
Mrs. Agnes Simmons East Kurasadi Rep. of Pious Associations
Ms. Stephy Graph MolayilThope            Rep. of KCYM